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The purpose of this document is to outline our organizational privacy policy. This policy should match our website policy at all times.



Welcome to Helix Technologies ( “Helix”, “DriveHelix”, “”, “we”, “us” or “our”). Our organization takes your privacy seriously and is committed to safeguarding your information. This policy describes the personal information that we collect, maintain, use, and discloses about California and non-California consumers when you visit or interact with our website.

WE COLLECT THE FOLLOWING CATEGORIES OF PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOU BASED ON YOUR SPECIFIC TRASACTIONS AND INTERACTIONS WITH OUR WEBSITE. For each category of information, the business purposes for which we use the information and the third parties with whom we have shared the information in the last 12 months are referenced by a number that coincides with the number in the lists that follow below in this policy.

Category Scenario in which Information is Collected Examples Business Purpose Sources Shared In the Last 12 Months With
Personal Identifiers Submitting a form lead Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address 1, 2, 3 From you the consumer A, B, C, E
Protected Classifications When you submit a request for information related to gender, or specify that English is not your primary language Gender, language, or ethnicity 2 From you the consumer, and from data hygiene/append organizations Not shared
Internet Activity When you navigate, use, or otherwise interact with our website(s) via computer or mobile device IP Address, type of browser used, cookies, device used to access the site, domain name from which our site(s) was accessed 4, 5 From the device(s) and network(s) you use to connect to us Not shared
Geolocation Data When you submit a lead to our website(s) IP Address 3, 4, 5 From the device(s) and network(s) you use to connect to us Not shared
Mobile Device Data When you navigate, use, or otherwise interact with our website(s) via computer or mobile device Device type, Software type 4, 5 From the device(s) you use to connect to us Not shared
# Business Reason
1 To gather information so a dealership, or dealership authorized third party can follow up with you regarding a specific vehicle of interest
2 To personalize communication with you
3 To respond to customer inquiries, including vehicle of interest, request for information, Customer Support, and phone calls.
4 To provide internet-based advertising and improve user experience on our website(s)
5 To understand the demographics of our website visitors

Our organization shares your personal information with the following categories of service providers or third-party businesses depending on your transactions or interactions with us:

      A. Vehicle OEMs
      B. Lead Providers
      C. Dealership CRMs
      D. Government Agencies, as required by law
      E. Promotional or other fulfillment vendors

Our organization DOES NOT sell your personal information, or collect the information of minors. We do not and will not disclose your personal information to any third party in exchange for monetary or other valuable consideration.

While we do not sell your personal information, including the data of minors, we may disclose your information to a third party (Automotive Dealership) for which we are conducting business with, or one of their authorized agents such as a CRM software provider. This is the only scenario in which your personal information may be disclosed. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to tell us NOT to disclose your personal information. To opt-out of our disclosure of your information:
      A. Email using an email address we have on file for you, and your information will be immediately removed from our system and databases.
      B. Mail us at 3098 Piedmont Road NE Suite 330 Atlanta, GA 30305
      C. Call us at 678.445.7878 and ask to speak with our head of compliance, and state the reason as Opt-Out.

If you are not able to use the email we have on file for you, additional information will be required in order to fulfill your request including Full Name, Address, Phone Number, Work Number, and Mobile Number.

To submit an opt-out through an authorized agent, that agent must have written permission from you in order to perform the opt-out on your behalf. In some cases, where proof that the agent does not have permission to opt you out, an in-person visit will be required either to our dealership partner, or in person at our offices, by both you and your authorized agent. Government issue identification will be required by both of you in order to complete the opt-out.


  1. The right to request, up to 2 times in a 12-month period, that we identify to you (1) the categories of personal information we have collected, disclosed or sold about you in the last 12 months, (2) the categories of sources from which the personal information was collected, (3) the business purpose for which we use this information, and (4) the categories of third parties with whom we share or have shared your personal information in the last 12 months;
  2. The right to request, up to 2 times in a 12-month period, that we disclose to you, free of charge, the specific pieces of personal information we have collected about you in the last 12 months;
  3. The right to request, up to 2 times in a 12-month period, that we delete personal information that we collected from you, subject to certain exceptions; and
  4. The right to opt-out of the sale of your personal information to third parties;
  5. The right to designate an authorized agent to submit one of the above requests on your behalf;
  6. The right to not be discriminated against in receiving different or less favorable pricing, service or financial incentive for exercising any of the above rights.
You can submit a verifiable consumer request to know or request for deletion of your personal information by:
  1. Sending an email to using the email we have on file for you;
  2. Calling 678.445.7878 and speaking with our compliance department, or;
  3. Mailing us at 3098 Piedmont Road NE Suite 330 Atlanta, GA 30305.

Questions about this policy

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or questions about how we maintain our CCPA compliance including a full list of policies and procedures, please contact .

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